Social Responsibility

We are actively incorporating the spirit and practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into our business model at CI Solutions. By definition, CSR is the “deliberate inclusion of public interests into corporate decision making…and the honoring of a triple bottom line [that includes] People, Planet, Profit”.

While CI Solutions will remain a for-profit company focused on sourcing environmentally sustainable commercial furnishings, our focus has expanded to include definable goals for making a social impact. These goals extend beyond the worthy desire to grow a financially viable organization that will create more opportunity through employment in challenged communities.

We are now committed to directing a portion of our profit from every job to carefully selected agencies/organizations whose missions advance child adoption. We believe that placing at-risk children in loving responsible adoptive homes as early as possible is one way that future generations will have the same or greater access to social resources as the current generation. As our customers partner with us in beautifying the work environment, they will be partnering in an effort that will make a long lasting and fulfilling impact in our community.

Shawn L. Gibbons, Principal
CI Solutions, LLC

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