Paying It Forward

“Paying It Forward is important to CI Solutions because we believe in the power of adoption to change lives in a profound and positive way; not only for the adopted children but also for the families who choose to adopt, which is why CI Solutions is committed to the Paying It Forward initiative!”

-Shawn L. Gibbons

My Story

As a nation, we must do better! Children are our most precious resource. Unfortunately, many children never have the opportunity to grow up with a family, and are left in the care of a foster care system that is overwhelmed and unable to provide for children in the way that many families can and all children deserve.  Unfortunately, this is particularly true for children of color. The  facts bear this out. By way of example, a recent survey reflects  that potential adoptive parents are much more likely to accept a  white child than a child of color. Specifically:


88% would accept a White baby;

33% would accept a South American or Hispanic baby;

28% would accept an Asian baby; and

14% would accept a Black baby.

am my parents’ only biological child and was an only child until I was 28 years old. Two years to the day of my 30th birthday, in the wee hours of the morning, my parents received a call from emergency social workers. Later that morning much to my surprise, this beautiful little girl, Kelcey, at 8 months of age stared back at me from a play pen in the middle of the guest room. She looked blankly at me, with dark pools for eyes, never uttering a sound. In fact, Kelcey did not utter a sound for those first few weeks; no one recalls her even crying. All I will say about that brief respite is “be careful what you ask for”. Anyone acquainted with Kelcey, now an 18 year old young woman, knows that the silent treatment is now the exception, rather than the rule.

Since then, my parents, with loving hearts and open arms welcomed many children throughout the years. I could have never imagined that at 46, I would be the oldest of the “Little Rascals!” I could not have anticipated the years of delight and gratification I have received as I assisted my parents in caring for their “oops babies”.

In closing, I could speak of the very real need that my parents and countless adoptive families fill in the lives of children; instead I will address the reciprocal benefit received by opening your hearts, homes, and/or contributions to children who need forever families. People think that my parents gave these children a chance at a better life. What my parents will tell you and I whole heartedly agree, is that those children, my brother and sisters, have poured more joy, purpose, and love into our family than we could ever repay them for!

Bethany’s mission is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services.

Bethany believes that children thrive in safe, loving, and supportive families. We are committed to keeping families together, but also finding forever families for children in need. Our vision is that every child would have a loving family. Our services include family support and preservation, adoption, foster care, pregnancy counseling, refugee services, child sponsorship, and infertility

Bethany makes an impact near and far in the lives of… a teen in Philadelphia foster care longing for a family, an orphaned child with special needs in Eastern Europe, a local pregnant mother looking for counseling, an adoptive family in need of assistance.

Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit organization caring for orphans and vulnerable children on five continents. We are recognized as a prominent leader in social services worldwide and are the largest adoption agency in the U.S. Bethany was established in 1944, in Grand Rapids Michigan, and has been serving children and families in the Philadelphia area since 1980. We have a strong commitment to cultural diversity and cultural competence within our staff and boards and believe that they are strengths that protect children, empower individuals to grow, and help Bethany achieve excellence.

As we model our stated values at CI Solutions, we have determined to apply a portion of our revenues from product to support our Paying It Forward Program. See below how revenues from our projects are impacting the community!


Projects “Paid Forward

CCP : $ 960.00
PGW-: $ 1,300.85
PERFORM CARE NJ : $ 650.00
CLS : $ 6,000.00
AmeriHealth Caritas: $ 24,900.00

Total Donations T/D: $ 33,810.85

If you wish to donate directly to Bethany, please visit the website below. CI Solutions does not except donations on behalf of any organization at any time. All proceeds solely fund Bethany Christian Services.